SBS is a boutique consulting firm, a clean energy, mining, and petroleum research institute, and  publications. Based in Johannesburg and Cape Town (South Africa), and has a presence in Kinshasa (DR Congo). The company provides lobbying, commercial due diligence, and bespoke consulting services like opportunity assessment and clean energy solutions and technology that help lower the carbon footprint, increase cost efficiencies, build better resiliency for your business, and connect alongside your customers with a focus on solar thermal technology solutions, training in customer care, communication strategies, mining services, advertising, and marketing of petroleum products.

We support small-, medium-, and large-sized firms to position themselves for market opportunities, including enhancement of their entrepreneurial efforts, enhancement of customer service, and development of marketing strategies, just to name a few. Additionally, we’re a firm believer in disruption and change and invest in understanding trends, particularly their impact on your business’s future. This enables us to come up with future-proof solutions for your organization, sustaining your growth and progression ambitions.

At SBS, we’re entrepreneurs first, so we put ourselves in your shoes when coming up with solutions, ensuring they’re simple to understand and execute. We strive to bring solutions swiftly to life to enable a rapid resolution of your problems. Our aim is to not only deliver but also create value for you and your firm for the foreseeable future.

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