Lydia Shangu

Founder and Managing Director

Lydia is the founder and managing director of SBS. She has created her company to address a whole set of challenges that African and global investors face in Africa. She has over 8 years of work experience, with a majority of it spent in the communications, petroleum, and media industries. Lydia has a keen interest in enabling organizations and her company partners to develop future-fit enterprises from a business, customer, and branding viewpoint. At SBS, Lydia leverages his vast experience and expertise in petroleum, marketing, and media to build and progress mutually beneficial and long-term client relationships. Based on the value created thus far, Lydia's ambition is to progress SBS to be a standout pan-African advisory and communications company that delivers winning and actionable strategies that grow and progress emerging market businesses to compete successfully within the global arena. Ms. Lydia holds a master's (honors) degree in Communication Sciences and a  bachelor's in geology from the University of South Africa.

Gedeon Yannick Mashala

Country Manager & Head of Legal Services

Yannick has an extensive work experience with a majority of it spent in the law industry. Yannick has a keen interest in helping businesses he partners with to develop their full potential in the Congolese market. At SBS, Yannick leverages his vast legal background to help organizations conduct commercial and legal due diligence. Yannick holds a master's degree in business law from the University of Kinshasa.

Blessing Esther Mapeto

Program Manager for Training & Lobbying Services

Blessing Esther holds an honors degree in public relations from an institute of public relations and communication in Zimbabwe, Harare She has over 4 years of experience, with the majority of her time spent on lobbying and monitoring training, as well as designing and implementing training programs and coordination that enhance the capabilities of our employees through continued education and skills training in the industries.

Nelson Bangula

Program Manager for Recruitment Services

Mr Bangula holds a master's degree in Economics from Goma University (DRC). He has an extensive experience in project management.

Rajesh Kumar

Senior Marketing Manager

Rajesh Kumar, Senior Marketing SBS Manager, plays a crucial role in the company by promoting business, selling products to customers, overseeing marketing strategies, driving lead-generation efforts, collaborating closely with the sales team, tracking conversation rates, making improvements to the websites, developing and managing digital marketing campaigns, and maintaining and enhancing our brand identity.