Consuting Services

We conduct research and analysis, both internally and externally aimed at enabling our partners to gain an informed understanding of current and future market trends and their impact on respective businesses. Opportunity evaluation – Based on informed market assessments we work together with our partners to identify market opportunities and evaluate their viability. Due diligence – provides companies with a comprehensive suite of due diligence so that they can better protect their investments and make critical business decisions with confidence. Whether you are evaluating investments, entering new markets, vetting third parties or satisfying regulatory requirements, we offer a broad spectrum of consulting services to address your specific needs.

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Training Services

We provide customer service training for organizations who want to create a stronger service culture that builds loyal relationships with their customers and a better environment for their employees. Customer service training is offered in the form of on-site and off-site seminars and workshops to help develop a mindset dedicated to delivering outstanding customer service to both external and internal customers.

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Communication Services

We provide marketing communication services including marketing campaigns and strategies to organizations in the public and private sectors. Our services include: Public relations management Reputation management Stakeholder communications Publicity campaigns Social media management Brand development and management TV show production Newsletters & brochures Advertising Event management and hosting Website development

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Lobbying Services

We provide lobbying services for international companies and groups with cooperative and political interests in DR Congo. We do real lobbying, activating the real influence strengths capable of closing genuine and strictly legal deals.

Recruitment Services

We connect job seekers quickly and effectively with the type of work they are looking for on one hand, and serve our clients' needs with a full grasp of the demands of their activities on the other hand. Our services include: Generalist appointment Temporary and contract recruitment

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Research Services

We provide market research and survey services to market research agencies, public entities, international and domestic organizations, etc. We can provide online and field survey. To that end, we work with market researchers to set up surveys for telephone interviewing, or set up surveys using latest collaborative tools for interviewing people in the field. We also provide subscription services and once-off payments to access to our syndicated reports.

Student Enrollment & Accommodation Facilitation

We assist students who are willing to enroll themselves in South Africa's universities. These services include enrollment and accommodation facilitation, regular updates to parents on their kids' study performance. We find and place students in accommodation suited to their budget and needs, close to all major universities or colleges in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Vaal and Pretoria.

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Health Treatment & Travel Facilitation

SBS offers health-related services to DRC patients intending to seek medical treatment in South Africa. SBS provides the right medical practitioners, quotations for your treatments, and organize all your medical appointments. We coordinate of all medical journey and provide accommodation to our clients during their stay in the country. We offer travel facilitation, mainly assistance in your flight organization, organize your airport, all specific requirements and hospital transfers. We also provide translation services. Should you not be fluent in English, an experienced facilitator from our team will translate whatever the medical practitioners wish to express to you and conversely, whatever you wish to express to them.

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Clean Energy solutions & Technology

As an energy solutions provider, SBS works with you as a trusted, long-term partner, which means we are with you every step of the way, designing, delivering, and managing a comprehensive package for every customer, SBS helps you build and maintain a smart energy infrastructure, and we also specialize in solar thermal solutions and offer a 100% renewable hot water solution using our patented PV-T system. Our goal is to revolutionize Africa's energy industry by shifting from fossil fuels to solar energy, with a focus on the hospitality and industrial processing sectors, and to provide domestic solutions for power outages, such as UPS and inverter batteries, generators, and solar panels. Get activated on your way to energy, renewable with us Solar energy may seem pricey and complicated, but in only the last ten years, advancements and cost reductions have made it not just a feasible alternative for your home or business, but a sensible one. That raises the issue, then: How do you wish to turn?  Contact us.

Air conditioning equipment and repairs

We repairs, deliver Air Conditioning and Dehumidification equipment and services to a wide range of customers: High Street Retail, Schools, Hotel and Catering Industry, Housing Associations, Sports & Leisure Centers, Server Rooms, IT Suites and Commercial applications.

SBS mining services

We provide complete pit-to-port solutions for the DRC's mining, construction, and quarry industries. We are experts in mine planning, bulk drilling, and blasting, loading, and hauling, crushing and screening, product, rehabilitation, rail layout management, and logistics. SBS Mining Services offers Supply Chain Management (SCM) solutions to provide visibility into mining operations for enhanced planning and scheduling of material flow—from the blast site to shipment of ore. Our solutions address mine-to-port shipping and logistics for mining enterprises as well as contractors. Our techniques rationalize inventory and working capital while facilitating demand-driven business planning.