Over the years the advertising phenomenon has developed in terms of content and media, and subsequently evolved to adjust to the ever-different needs of advertisers and audiences likewise. Online advertising consists of persuading,  economical, continuous and news- intensive, online messages sent out to a global diverse audience. Below are a  few characteristics of online advertising that can help you to trade very well your product as a company or business person.

Characteristics 1: interactivity

interactivity is the key for online advertising

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Interactivity characteristics  are the one of the  best  essential keys to the nature of online advertising that differentiates it from advertising in the traditional media paradigm. An advertising is the convincing powerful communication of messages to a specified section of an audience by a specified advertiser who pays for without modification messages to be delivered through the mass media. When it comes from an online advertising, here the consumer is able to exercise extraordinary control over the satisfied with he or she interacts and therefore becomes a partner in the communication process and the production of the message. The interactivity allows for users to pick the information they discern as relevant and for brand managers to construct relationships with customers via two way communications, However, Traditional media encounters provide consumers with little possibility of interaction, thought consumers might engage in a passive manner with action. But not  interaction. Interactivity entails mutual activity by means converse and consumer control over the communication process. And also it provides variable options, such as various solving and choices, dialogue richer sense of feedback.

Characteristics 2:  Competency

Internet skills are very important

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By description,  competency is reality capable to do well, thing in specific duty roles  in decree to prove competence to execute certain entrust in a necessary flat of ability. Is as well a crushed down into particular skills or job. In  Competency characteristics here the customer or client who wants to gather the online atmosphere requirement computer skills that allow or enhance the efficacy to scan via trading websites. This is in opposition to the bodily world, in which access to advertising message is not developed  on ability or skills. The customer has the power, competence of the Internet awareness.

Characteristics 3:  consumer control

Advertising is usual uni- directional

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Consumer control refers constantly to the point that the web usage has  control over the flow of data. With traditional advertising message has a little control over the total or rate of particulars they collect because such advertising is generally uni-directional and atmosphere provide feedback. In contrary to this, the online advertising provides client often with  the possibility to pick out the total of exhibition to the internet advertisement;  by determining what to check,  when and how much. The www. Is another interactive technology, shifting control from advertisers to consumers who are now free to solicit news they desire and reject other data for which they have no need.

Characteristics 4: Information Intency

In information Intency characteristics  the Web is not a pretense of a real- world environment, it is an alternative to real -world environment that providing online shopping facilities. And in the actual world atmosphere, the center of advertising messages is  optic perception, which is a  direct difference in the information- intensive character of online advertising messages. Any aware product- related and non-product linked information can be supplied on the internet because of its focus on satisfy delivery.

Characteristics 5: Equality

In Equality characteristics the internet provides a level acting field for all participants. Organizations, as well as a  consumer and clients have equivalent provision for admission and provide information. Obtain facilities are basically match for all players, regardless the extent and portion  of the part. Any customer or client can do net surfing and online shopping.

Online advertising further referrals from traditional from traditional adverting due to the fact that the internet is such a distinguishing communication medium, advertising messages using this medium will have will have to apply from traditional advertising messages to allow that they scope their target audiences effectively.