There various definitions of an entrepreneur, but one significant point is that entrepreneurs are people with the ability to identify an opportunity and create and grow a business. They are able to combine their creative ideas with the necessary skills, resources and people to form a successful business. In another term the entrepreneur is a person who undertakes a wealth-creating and value- adding process, through developing ideas, assembling resources and making things happen''. Below are a  few characteristics that can help you to learn well being a successful entrepreneur for your business or ideas and warrant attention.

1.An Entrepreneur need to be steadfast

Successes equal to endure

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Being steadfast entrepreneurs or successful, you need to  have an intense determination to focus on to your ideas, organization or businesses all the time head-up. An entrepreneur must be able to take immediate decisions and also exercise a bigger role which is patient until He  or (she) solves problems and complete a task  another way reach a goal.  As an entrepreneur, you cannot  lose your heart when you make a mistake or fail because failure is also  part of a success, you must always have faith  in you and in your businesses or ideas, carry on in spite of setbacks, tough situations and trouble.

2. An entrepreneur needs to commit to the business

 The entrepreneur needs to commit to the business

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An entrepreneurs need to commit to the business, devote all their skills, expertise and resources to establish and build the business by using  first your own money to set up the business, adoption a loan on a house, working long hours in order to succeed, accepting a lower standard of living and possibly earning little or no income from the business until it is fruitful.

3. An entrepreneur needs to sound human relations

Work closely with other always open doors

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An entrepreneur needs to sound human relations. He or (she) must work closely with other people to open doors, contacts. If you want to be a productive entrepreneur,  you have to know how to make contacts for the benefit of your business. It is important to ensure long-term relationships and stay in good condition with suppliers, clients and others involved in the business. Human  relations as a major resource of the enterprise and regard long-term goodwill as more important than short-term benefits. As an entrepreneur, you must sustain a  good personal association with others.

4.An entrepreneur needs to be positive and approached

Sometimes failure brings success

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An entrepreneur needs to be positive  on His (her) journey. He (she) must learn from their setbacks and failures, accepting chagrin which always are inevitable, not deterred when the occur, being able to describe opportunities, even in negative and hard situations,  He or (she) must stand positive despite setbacks. Deal utterly with situations because success is obtained by negative experiences positively and by learning from past mistakes.

5 An entrepreneur needs to be involved in the business

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An entrepreneur needs to be involved in the business.

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An entrepreneur needs to be involved in the business. He or (She) is a person who is always implicated in their trade and up to date on everything that is happening on all levels and in all sections of the business. Such a supplier and clients.

6.An entrepreneur needs to be creativity and innovation ability.

 The good entrepreneur must create the innovation

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An entrepreneur needs to be a creativity and innovation ability person because firstly creativity is the generation of new and operable ideas to fix any problem or use the chance.  Also described in a person's mind's eye and power to think creatively and its contain of people being open to new ideas and new approaches to the business and focussing on what can be done another way to ensure success in the business. In other language, effective entrepreneurs take the action to solve problems in a singular manner. Innovation, competence refers more to the use of creative abilities to build something concrete. Creative distinguishes an entrepreneur from his competitors. Often he does not stand for a radical new method, but it may be a method that pleased a client's need in a higher way.