The energy audit provides vital information for the overall energy conservation program, covering essentially energy utilization analysis and evaluation of energy conservation measures. Its aim is to identify the quality and cost of various energy inputs. Therefore, we invite you to participate in the upcoming three-day trainings, which will be based on the introduction to energy audit and energy management organized by SBS Petroleum research institutes and publications. You will learn about the energy audit, the structure of the energy audit report, the audit of the energy part of the tariffs, the energy audit of the territory, the energy audit of the sector of the economy, energy management, the development and validation of business plans in the sphere of energy, the methodology of economic calculations, and energy saving myths, as well as conducting individual consultations for training participants on issues that are important for the enterprises where they work.

  • Date: 2024/07/24 08:30 AM - 2024/07/26 04:30 PM
  • Location Strathmore Hotel, Horsforth Avenue, Bridlington, UK (Map)



This training is unique because it includes not only lectures or workshops but also consultations. Moreover, CEO Lydia and professor of the Kiev Polytechnic Institute, Vladimir Mamalga, will try to answer all the questions practically immediately during the training and give advice on how to improve the methods of presentation as well as the analysis of information. Additionally, participants will receive practical advice on energy issues, certificates, breakfast and lunch, and networking with big-profile CEOs, professionals, and directors in the energy sector.  This event training will be held in person. Book now to get involved.