SBS Petroleum Research Institutes and Publications

SBS Petroleum Research Institutes and Publications were established on June 10, 2020, as an international, non-governmental, non-profit organization with headquarters located in Johannesburg, Cape Town (South Africa), and Kinshasa (DR Congo).

The institute is a center of research and scientific services that focus on petrol, oil, gas, and broader energy, and our focal point is to do our best and continually improve, We build on our core strengths as an institute and petroleum company while establishing a collaborative culture of enthusiastic and skilled people. We operate as an independent entity and are currently associated with the Democratic Republic of the Congo at Kinshasa University in the petroleum, oil,  and gas, faculties as a partner and with the Society of Petroleum Engineers. We encourage creative thinking and innovation to drive how we make decisions and where we focus our talent.

Our research activities are divided into three main segments: research and development of upstream petroleum studies in association with geology, hydrocarbon reservoirs, exploration, production, petroleum engineering, and field management and development.

Research and development of downstream petroleum—studies on refinery and petrochemical processes, especially catalyst syntheses and characterization, nanotechnology, gas processing and distribution, and polymer synthesis.

Research and development in energy and the environment—trade in renewable energy such as fuel cell technology—and the environmental issues regarding energy conversions

SBS Institute researches petrol, gas, and production values as well as technical knowledge, copyright, and the presentation of papers in its well-thought-out SBS Institute magazine.